Here is what my colleagues say about me:

"Rich & I have collaborated on several photography projects. He is always extremely prepared & organized, is very clear with his goals, & accomplishes everything with an easygoing smile & attitude. This makes working together an absolute pleasure. His clear head & distinct thought process equipped us to create great images. Rich is a great idea person & leaves no stone unturned. He is very thorough & is a great asset!"

—Jill Wachter, Principal, Jill Wachter Photography

• • •

"I've known Rich for more than 20 years and have worked with him in a variety of capacities. He is extremely passionate about what he does and his love of his craft is evident in the time and effort he devotes to studying it, practicing it, discussing it, etc. He is the consummate professional, an excellent communicator who works to understand the needs of his audience and then deliver a product that exactly fits that need. Meanwhile, he does it all with a great sense of a humor, a healthy outlook on life, and even will offer a few recommendations for new music he's stumbled into. You'll enjoy any opportunity to work with Rich!"

—Jeff Riley, President, Box Twelve Communications, Inc.

• • •

"Rich was my mentor during my first internship while I was in college, and then my boss at my first job. He is a great communicator and teacher, and is able to simplify any process to be easily learned. To this day I use the basic book design processes, he taught me 9 years ago, and he is the first person I call if I have a question about coding or a program. I couldn't have asked for a better first boss."

—Tara Long, Principal, Dotted Line design

• • •

"Rich has been a great colleague and mentor. His strong design, type, and communication skills are great assets. He makes publishing 4-color illustrated books easy."

—Kara Plikaitis, Senior Designer, Rodale Books

• • •

"Rich is an amazing design professional. He's extremely well-versed in all aspects of the design process. He is creative, well-organized, and keeps his cool under pressure. He always takes the time to help out a co-worker with great feedback and critiques and I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to work with him."

—Erick Swindell, Associate Art Director, The Reader's Digest Association

• • •

"I was extremely impressed with Riche's ability to professionally and efficiently move the project to completion, while remaining positive and encouraging the entire team. A true joy to work with, and I look forward to working with Rich again in the near future."

—Pat Neville, Professional Fashion Model and CEO Neville & Associates

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